mos2-dry film

MOS2 – Molybdenum disulphide – Dry Film Lubricant

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Size: 500ml

MOS2 fry film lubricant and anti scuff treatment is pure molybdenum disulphide in an air drying, bonding resonate for spray or blush application. It provides lubrication where oils and grease cannot be used e.g. (where there is danger of dust contamination) and is excellent for the pre-treatment of parts such as gears and slides before assembly.
MOS2 is ideal for lubrication of small mechanisms. Applications include articles where fluid lubrications are not desirable, but where loads are extremely high and liquid lubricants cannot maintain a film strength sufficient to meet the load.


MOS² DRY FILM LUBRICANT ASOL – Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)